Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q.1 Do you have to have a hernia to wear one?
  • A.1 No, some clients use a Nu-Hope support belt to prevent a hernia developing. The belt may be worn when taking exercise, for example.

  • Q.2 Why have an opening?
  • A.2 You can have a plain belt, but many of our clients prefer to have a hole so that their flow into the pouch is not compromised. The over-belt allows a lower level of tension across the pouch, which can be released at any time.

  • Q.3 What does the over-belt do?
  • A.3 It reduces the risk of the stoma pushing out too much and gives adjustable tension across the pouch without affecting the main support belt.

  • Q.4 How long do the Nu-Hope support belts last?
  • A.4 They usually easily last 12 months when rotated with a second belt. They have been known to last several years.

  • Q.5 When will I receive my delivery?
  • A.5 Normally this is five weeks after the order was first placed, but can be as little as three weeks.

  • Q.6 What are the belts made of?
  • A.6 A combination of synthetic, elastic and polyester fibres which means they are latex® free.

  • Q.7 Are Nu-Hope support belts washable?
  • A.7 Yes, they can be machine washed on a ‘delicates’ cycle 30/40 degrees setting. It is important not to use a tumble drier.

  • Q.8 Are Nu-Hope support belts on prescription?
  • A.8 Yes, Nu-Hope support belts are on prescription for England and Wales, but not as yet for Scotland and Northern Ireland. They can also be purchased privately so please ask for a quotation.


  • Q.9 Can the belts be made for individual body needs?
  • A.9 Yes, each belt is made for the individual needs. Most commonly inserting the ring that fits the client's make of pouch.
  • In special requests belts are made with two holes, the image 1. below has an oval opening and a round opening, to accommodate two different makes of pouch.
  • Image 2 has a hole for a colostomy pouch and a hole for a smaller fistula pouch as seen in image 3.
  • Belts can be made with an auxilliary belt to give extra support and can be tailored to fit the client. The auxilliary belt can be moved up or down to give extra support for a heavy, low hernia without interfering with pouches. (as seen in image 4)

Belt two holes one ovalphoto 1photo 3photo 2


  • Q.1 Why don’t they melt like some other adhesives?
  • A.1 The Nu-Hope urinary pouch has an adhesive applied to a synthetic foam pad. The pad is inert, which means it does not react to moisture of any kind and is resistant to erosion.

  • Q.2 How long should I wear a Nu-Hope urinary pouch?
  • A.2 This can vary as each individual has a different urinary cycle and have their own preferences. The pouches can usually be worn for three days without a problem and in the U.S.A. seven days is not unknown. It depends what suits you and your skin.

  • Q.3 Do I need to use an adaptor for over-night drainage?
  • A.3 The Nu-Hope urinary pouch will connect directly to the Coloplast 21365 Night Drainage Bag. Also, another alternative is the 800ml capacity, Nu-Hope urinary pouch which can mean a night drainage bag is not required.

  • Q.4 Is the cap closure secure?
  • A.4 To date no-one has reported any difficulty with the cap closure security. It has also proved easier to use for clients with the use of one hand.

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